About Shaun Oster

shaunosterLet me go ahead and try to describe myself (as opposed to pretentiously pretend someone else wrote my bio).

I began piano at 6 and had some natural ability. I really focused however when I found the drums at 12 years old. Although enamored with rock and metal when I was young, I eventually fell in love with Jazz.

In my opinion, truth be told, learning Jazz is the art of learning the drumset. Drumset was created for Jazz and learning it will at the least serve to give you full facility over your drums. Whatever offshoot of Jazz you choose to play (Funk, Metal, Rock, Hiphop, Latin etc.) really is fairly irrelevant to me – it all comes down to learning move freely, improvise passionately, and above all: Listen well.

Before and during college I had the honor of studying with Mark Craney. I cannot begin to describe the impact this unique, authentic soul had on my drumming. I fondly and perfectly remember everything he taught me and apply it to all students.

In college (Calarts) I studied with Joe Labarbara – another indescribably influential, authentic being.

With all students we will focus discovering our weaknesses and nurturing them gently into familiarity, then ferocity, then grace.  I look greatly forward to meeting you, prospective students and colleges.

You can catch another project I am deeply fond of – my triphop composition, vocals and drumming: www.doubleheadmusic.com

You can catch me live every Wednesday at Stella Mares from 7-10pm.

Also ever other Thursday at Seven Bar and Kitchen.

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